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Logo & branding for Electric Travels Ltd. A UK retailer looking not only to offer the world's best electric scooters, but also "A cleaner way to travel." 

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Developing a strong brand is all about your approach. When we were given the task to create a new logo and branding for Electric Travels. We wanted to connect with their ideal target audience.

Pull at their heartstrings, and engage with them on a much deeper level. Storytelling is a powerful business tool. Storytelling conveys purpose. Businesses with purpose are the ones that stand out. Capturing consumer’s hearts.

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"A clearly communicated story is the backbone of a strong marketing strategy."

Our main objective was to develop a strong brand that showcases Electric Travels core values and beliefs. Setting the company apart from the competition.

With branding that sells a lifestyle and an experience. Presenting the company with a unique and long-lasting image in their industry.

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We wanted to develop a new style and identity that leads the way. Focusing on delivering a bold and professional look with a cool modern trendy feel.

The font used looks clean, modern, techy, fresh and innovative. It has sleek lines and modern sensibilities.

Giving Electric Travels a strong identity that is unique to the company with bespoke spacing. It delivers a message that's fresh and contemporary.

Designed to emphasize functionality while also conveying a cutting-edge aesthetic. It's a font that suits the character of the company and reflects their brand values.

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With minimalism still dominating both print and digital design. The selected fonts present a modern, bold and minimalist style. That keeps up with the latest trends and has longevity.

The logo and branding has the capabilities to grow and develop with the business.

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