4 Brand Logo Design Trends in 2023


With a new year comes new trends, and the world of brand logos is no different. 2023 will be another year of change. As we edge closer and closer to the next year, now is a great time to take a look at what’s going to be trending in logo designs over the next 12 months.

Below, we’ve written a short post that explores some forthcoming trends and logo ideas we expect to see. Read on to learn more, and if you would like to find out about how the Design4U Online studio can assist you with professional logo design, then please contact us using the details at the bottom.


In 2023, a popular trend in logo design is going to be playing around with characters in text. What this means is replacing letters and characters in text with symbols, creating a unique piece of text that stands out from the crowd. Many brands are using symbols instead of characters in their brand names, giving their logo a fresh, new look. The one thing you need to remember though is that your text always needs to be readable and understandable.


As we enter the next year, we’ll also see layering begin to become a trend in logo design. Layering is basically overlapping elements using different patterns, shapes, textures and colours. These add depth, balance and create contrast. You can use layering on all types of elements within your logo including letters, colours, shapes, symbols and patterns. All in all, layering will make your company logo appear distinct from the crowd.


Forget muted tones, bright colours are now in. We are talking vibrant colour schemes that add a sense of positivity, vitality and brightness to our lives. Many brands are going to be incorporating bright colours into their logos, bringing new life to their designs and showing the world that their brand is fun, quirky and young.


Monograms, which are also referred to as lettermarks, are logos that consist of just typography. Usually, logos such as these feature 2 to 3 letters, and they’re normally the letters of your business’ initials. Once considered a classical style, monograms are actually a timeless logo design and they’ll be back in popularity in 2023.


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