Benefits of Using Design For Print


Although we live in a digital age, design print is still a highly popular method of marketing and communication. Printed designs continue to be positively received by customers, and deliver an impressive impact for businesses across a diverse array of industries. Below, the team at Design4U Online has written a helpful post that looks at some of the benefits of design for print.

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Printing company products are physical like a business card and can be touched by the end user. They’re not emails, which can be deleted immediately. With a printed material design, you have to open and read the item, so this makes the print item more durable and long lasting.


Print is also advantageous as a form of marketing as it is a credible piece of information. With print digital design, your customers won’t need to worry about clicking on a marketing email and possibly getting a virus.


Finally, design print is engaging and will take more of your customers’ attention for a longer period of time. When you have a brochure and a leaflet, you will be spending more time reading the leaflet and brochure. When you have a website, many visitors will skim the website in 15 seconds.


Design for print is a great way to communicate your brand’s message; it’s tangible, timeless and long-lasting. Here at Design4U Online, we can convey your business’ unique identity, values and ethos with meaningful and impactful on every square inch of design for print. Whether you would like to design high enough resolution brochures, leaflets or a prospectus, we can work alongside you to design a powerful piece of print that resonates with your target audience and marks a brilliant first impression.

We provide a wide range of solutions within our design for printed product packages - including branded stationary, brochures, leaflets, posters, flyers, certificates, price lists, invitations, order of service, stickers and much more. Our design studio can work on your existing print materials, or start on something completely new and fresh. No matter how you need our design support and expertise, we will provide you with a first-class print design which stands out and is visually appealing.

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