Essential Tips For Design For Print


Design print continues to play an indispensable role in marketing for businesses of all sizes and scales. From brochures and leaflets, to branded stationary, certifications and posters, there are so many ways that businesses can engage with audiences via design print.

Below, Design4U Online lists a few important tips you should remember when designing for printed product. Read on to find out more and if you’d like to enquire about our digital design for printed material services - please contact us today using the details at the bottom.


As we enter 2023, the concept of the metaverse and virtual reality experiences will only continue to gain momentum and become more popular. 3D graphics are a major aspect of the metaverse, and are similarly going to be a big trend over the next 12 months. Modern 3D graphics which use shadows, contours, motion and texture create a realistic, lifelike feel; and this type of style is sure to make a huge impact with consumers interested in more naturalistic graphic design.


Another graphic design printing company trend that the metaverse will bring with it is condensed typography. This is a contemporary style of typography that grabs attention; it’s especially useful when you have limited space. Over the next year, there will be a shift towards futuristic typography and styling, with letters and numbers compactly packed together on design print graphics.


Photos are going to play a big role in branding in 2023. Many brands will be refreshing their branding with the inclusion of photos which showcase their human qualities and elements. Branding which features faces of people makes a brand more personal, relatable and adds to a sense of community with high enough resolution. It is a brilliant way to increase trust in your brand and enable you to connect with a wider audience.


At Design4U Online, we are a graphic design studio in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. If you have a graphic design idea in mind that you would like to bring to life, or would like us to design something completely original, we’re the place to come. Our studio specialises in adobe photoshop logo and branding design, design for print for items such as a business card, social media design print, website design and packaging design.

Whatever your bespoke needs or requirements, we can create a captivating, modern and stylish graphic design that stands out from the crowd. Our graphic designer can meet all your needs, no matter whether you’ve got a particular colour scheme, typography or graphic in mind for your finished product. We have worked with a multitude of clients in a range of industries, so we’re fully capable of assisting you with your graphic design project today.

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