Exploring the Latest Trends in Print Design


Even in today’s incredibly fast-paced digital world, printed marketing materials are still highly effective tools for reaching audiences and making lasting impressions. They are tangible assets - whether it’s a leaflet, brochure or prospectus - that stay in the minds of consumers and evoke a strong response.

If you’re thinking about designing for print, then staying up to date with the latest trends is vital, so that you can optimise your designs and make the best impact. Below, we’ve written a short post looking at some of the top trends in design for print right now - keep reading to learn more.


Simplicity has always reigned supreme in the world of print design. One of the hottest trends right now is to design print materials with minimalism and clean lines in mind. This means embracing white space, streamlined typography and uncluttered layouts.

These design styles will help your printed material to communicate its message with clarity and conciseness. What’s more, minimalistic designs exude elegance and sophistication too. Ultimately, a simple printed design will make a strong impact on your audience every single time.


While minimalism is very effective, so too is the use of bold and vibrant colours. Right now, a top trend is the use of lots of colours with eye-catching hues and striking combinations becoming the choice for many designers.

Colour adds energy and visual appeal to your brochures, posters and other promotional materials. From vivid gradients to neon shades and contrasting colour schemes, there are lots of ways to use colour to grab attention and create a memorable printed design. If you want to be remembered, colour is an excellent choice for your printed item.


Another popular trend is the use of unique and unusual shapes for printed marketing materials. While traditional rectangular shapes and formats have been the top choice for years, nowadays, designers are using custom shapes to add an element of surprise and creativity.

Irregular shapes and asymmetrical layouts are good choices for your printed product, as they create a sense of curiosity and intrigue. You can elevate your print design and create an unforgettable item with a distinctive shape.


One of the biggest selling points of printed materials is that they offer a tactile experience that digital mediums cannot replicate. This is why designers are incorporating texture and finishing touches to enhance the sensory appeal of their print designs.

For example, embossing, debossing, spot UV coating and foil stamping are just a few techniques that can add depth, dimension and sophistication to your marketing materials. By employing some of these techniques, your print designs can encourage more engagement with the senses and be even more memorable.


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