Things to Think About When Designing a Logo


Logos are the first things that consumers see, so they need to be powerful, inviting and memorable. The best thing you can do to ensure this is to work with a professional design studio like Design4U Online. We can guide you through the logo design process, creating a logo that makes an immediate impression and imprints itself in the memory of your customers.

Below, we’ve written a short guide on some of the things you need to consider when you’re designing or redesigning your logo. Read on to learn more, and if you’re in need of a logo designer, then contact us today via the details at the bottom.


Arguably the most important thing to take into account when designing a logo is your audience. You want to ensure that you create a logo which connects with your target market, engages their attention and encourages them to take action - buying or using your services. So, when you’re planning your logo design, you need to establish who your audience is - determining their likes and dislikes, their demographics, and what they are looking for.


Some of the best and most effective logos are the simplest. For example, Apple and Nike are two world-renowned brands, and both of their logos are designed with simplicity in mind. It’s not a good idea to overcomplicate your logo design and feature too many different design elements. Instead, it’s smart to stick to a few main design aspects and only incorporate the elements that you need. Ultimately, less is more when it comes to logo design.


Colour is an essential part of any logo design. Should you already have a colour palette or scheme in use for your business, it’s imperative that you use this for your logo design. You want to achieve continuity and consistency across your branding, so it’s important to use the same colours and typography. Alternatively, if you’re starting from scratch, then it’s worth experimenting with different colours to begin with, and thinking about which type of emotions or feelings you want to convey to your audience.


If you are thinking about creating a logo for your business, or refreshing your existing logo, then Design4U Online is here to help you. We specialise in logo and brand design, and we can create a unique, eye-catching and impactful logo design that resonates with your audience. Logos need to connect with consumers, and they need to showcase your identity authentically.

When you work with the Design4U Online team, we can design a logo that tells a story and connects with your audience. Our logo and branding design package includes a number of elements such as a vision board, primary logo, secondary logo, colour palette, brand marks, brand patterns, typography pairings and brand guidelines.

To enquire about our logo design services, please contact us today on 0345 066 1717 or email us at info@design4uonline.uk. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.