Three Graphic Design Trends Right Now


Graphic design trends are always changing; there’s always a brand-new design style, typography, or colour palette to consider. To make things easier and keep you up to date with all the latest trends, the Design4U Online team has written a post below that looks at three current graphic design trends you should think about.

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One of the biggest graphic design trends to emerge in the first part of 2022 is the more simplified logo. Many brands are deciding to reinvent themselves, and refresh their existing logo with a more minimalist logo design. Logos are becoming more simple with the use of flat vector shapes, limited colour palettes and less use of text. The end result is a more modern, cleaner and younger looking logo. It is a great way to reinvigorate a brand’s current logo and make them appeal more to new audiences.


Another graphic design trend that’s popular at the moment is minimalist retro. This features the use of old-school fonts, organic colour palettes, warm tones and natural textures. It embodies the 70s and 80s aesthetic and is a superb way for a brand to celebrate these decades. It looks fantastic and works very well with simple logos, product packaging and print design. Minimalist retro will make your brand stand out from the crowd, and look unique.


Finally, a third graphic design trend that’s seeing more and more use is bright colours. Brands are opting for vibrant, eye-catching colours, rather than sticking to one or two plain colours. Bright colours make your branding look younger and appeal to younger audiences. If you want to communicate a message of positivity, enthusiasm and energy, then a bright colour palette is the ideal choice for your brand.


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