What’s Popular in Graphic Design in 2023?


The world of graphic design is always changing, with new trends emerging every single year. In 2023, graphic design will see some new trends come and some old styles go out of fashion. When you’re thinking about designing graphics for your business - whether it’s a logo, printed product or social media page - it’s important that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends so you know what’s fresh and trending.

In this post, the Design4U Online studio takes a look at some of the trends that are forecasted to be popular in the graphic design world over the next year. Keep reading to learn more, and if you are in need of a graphic designer in Hertfordshire, then please get in touch with our studio via the details at the bottom.


One of the biggest graphic design trends is expected to be expressive typography. Typography is one of the most crucial elements of graphic design. Whilst it is mainly used to show text and convey a message, typography can also be used to add character and a sense of identity. This year, typography that is bold, powerful and emotional is going to be popular.

You should think about including expressive typography in your designs, whether it’s your online graphics or your printed products. Expressive typography can come in many forms, from the more traditional and classic to the more futuristic and modern. It’s important that you think about the sort of brand you are, your identity and the message you’re trying to convey.


Another popular trend in 2023 is minimal vintage. Vintage graphics have come back into fashion, with more and more of us longing for the ‘good old days’. Incorporating a vintage look into your graphics can evoke feelings of nostalgia in your audience, reminding them of happy times in their lives.

Vintage minimalism is also really clean and simple, it’s effective at communicating any message to an audience. It leaves only the essentials, stripping away all of the unnecessary design elements. As a result, it will communicate your message with clarity.


Photography is a major part of design and it can be used in many ways to help better communicate a particular message. In the past, stock photos have been used by many businesses, but today, there is a focus on more personal, original photography.

Photography which is unique and has been interestingly incorporated into graphics is going to be popular in the next year. Innovative use of photography can make your brand appear more human, emotional and welcoming.


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