What’s Trending in Social Media Design Now


Social media and social media platforms is a constantly evolving and changing space. New trends emerge with every new year. If you’re working in social media or are looking to improve your brand recognition social media channels presence, then it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. To make things a little easier, the team at Design4U Online has written a short post that looks at some of the biggest social media posts trends right now.

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A popular trend in social media right now is maximalism. This is a response to minimalism, which has been a dominant style for a number of years now. Maximalism essentially features a diverse range of textures, colours, tones, objects and shapes - aiming for an energetic, vibrant look and feel as well as other elements. More and more social media designer are deciding to limit white space and use more quirky fonts, colour combinations and patterns - as well as attention-grabbing images and graphics.


Another trending style is the use of more experimental and unique typographies. Social media designer are experimenting with a diverse range of visually appealing content for brand identity, elements, colours and shapes of visual content. Many are choosing to incorporate 3D illustrations, and make their text look more lifelike. It’s out with the traditional font styles, and in with the more innovative and original styles.


We’re living in a data age, so when you’re working on create social media graphics, it’s incredibly likely that you will be dealing with lots of data and statistics. A popular trend right now is to make data look more fun and welcoming, so that it can be understood by more people.

A lot of designers are creating entertaining and visually appealing infographics, charts, graphs, diagrams, maps and other visual elements. Infographics have a lot of power on social media, and they’re shared by a huge proportion of users, so if you want to reach a bigger audience - it’s recommended to use infographics as part of your social media strategy.


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